We take care to guarantee the human rights, especially of girls, boys, women and families who make their migratory passage through Honduras.

We have started the rapid response for the most vulnerable families who arrive at the Temporary Rest Centers and in the surroundings of the offices of the Migration Institute in Choluteca, Trojes and Danlí.

Humanitarian Response

Comprehensive Care Center for Irregular Migrants Francisco Paz, of the National Institute of Migration, located in Danlí, El Paraíso.


Delivery of bunk beds at the Carlos Roberto Reina Center.


Beneficiary of a ready-to-eat food kit at CAMI-Danlí.


Clothing and footwear for beneficiaries of Temporary Rest Centers.


A girl receives clothing at the Temporary Rest Center.

Monetary support

Support with monetary transfers for the main needs of the population in mobility.


We serve with playful activities in friendly spaces for children in mobility passing through Honduras.

Friendly Spaces

Socio-emotional activities are carried out in friendly spaces around the INM and some Temporary Rest Centers.

Other Humanitarian Response Centers

Caritas and Home Center
Hope in Choluteca.

Service points around INM, Choluteca, Danlí and Trojes.

CDT at the Suffering Relief Hospital in El Paraíso.

Bus terminal at the Tatumbla junction.



Social-emotional support

Psychological health is important.

Dress with dignity

In the Temporary Rest Centers, clothing is provided to people on the move to improve comfort on the migratory route.

Emotional stability

With small gestures of solidarity we improve their emotional condition and help make their passage through the country as safe as possible.


Without indifference to our migrant brothers.

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