Who are we?

Consortium LIFE | Honduras

In response to the current migratory situation in Honduras, the consortium is an alliance made up of Action Against Hunger, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), Pure Water for the World, Child Fund, Adventist Agency for Development and Assistance Resources (ADRA) and the Relief of Suffering Foundation (FAS).

These organizations have begun their emergency response activities that cover the Child Protection, Education, Water, Hygiene and Sanitation, Nutrition and Health sectors.

According to data from the National Institute of Migration of Honduras between January 1 and December 31, 202, 188,858 irregular migrants entered the territory through Trojes (58,917), Danlí (80,410), Choluteca (44,765), Tegucigalpa (4,519) and San Pedro Sula (247).

This figure is slightly lower than the one registered in August 2022 when 22,661 irregular migrants entered and 35% higher than the figure reported by the INM in January 2023 when 18,879 people in an irregular situation arrived in Honduras.

Our focus

Our mission
Cuidar a su paso por Honduras de las personas en movilidad, en especial el de las niñas, niños y mujeres, brindándoles alimentación, alojamiento, vestuario, apoyo psico-social, ayuda financiera, seguridad, acceso a Wi-Fi para que se mantengan en contacto con sus familiares, de manera que contribuyamos a asegurar que en su trayecto por el país reciban el cuidado que necesiten.

Take care that the passage through Honduras of people on the move, especially that of girls, boys and women. .


Our Vision
Ensure that no migrant boy, girl, woman or family feels alone and receives all the possible help they need on their way through Honduras.

Toda a nossa equipe quer ver um mundo em que todos os migrantes de alguma forma se sintam seguros em sua jornada e todos os seus direitos humanos sejam respeitados, especialmente as crianças.


Your solidarity with migrants It is important

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